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IT Network Security

Securing your assets.

INNOVEX protects you with a broad suite of security services. From protecting the endpoint to securing the network perimeter INNOVEX provides IT network security solutions for businesses. We will ensure that you are in compliance with all privacy and regulatory requirements. Securing your network protects your informational assets.

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Viruses, Spam and Malware

INNOVEX keeps your systems safe and secure from software programs that collect information, track computer activity and cause damage. Infections can slow the working order of your computer, wreak havoc by deleting or corrupting files and/or jeopardize the confidentiality of your data. Don’t assume your systems are safe. Your business needs the security of INNOVEX-implemented and managed antivirus. We partner with antivirus software leaders to protect your systems from malicious software.

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Perimeter Security

INNOVEX professionals will work with you to identify and implement network security at the perimeter as is appropriate for your business. We combine traditional firewall technology with the latest intrusion prevention and deep-packet inspection to keep unwanted connections out. An INNOVEX implemented perimeter security solution inspects network traffic passing through and denies or permits passage based on sets of rules we develop in consultation with you and industry best practice.

Security Auditing

Our INNOVEX security team will assess your current network vulnerabilities and provide to you a solution that will keep your data safe and meet various compliancy standards. We will develop and implement a custom security plan for you so you can be assured your informational assets are secure. We will also schedule regular testing of your network and deliver reporting to you so that you always know you are protected against new vulnerabilities.


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