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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

You can increase your options and decrease your headaches with digital menu boards for restaurants.  Replace your static menus with updated digital signage that will enhance the customer ordering process and ultimately your bottom line.

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Ease & Enhance Your Operations

  • Quickly adjust price changes
  • Schedule your menu to change based on time of day
  • Eliminate the cost of printing a static, paper menu
  • Test new items and specials on the fly
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Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

  • Upsell complimentary items & promote your specials
  • Use motion graphics and imagery to entice their order
  • High quality, clear, and clean menus allow the customer to be confident when ordering

Make Ordering Appealing and Easy

  • Grab their attention as soon as they walk in and leave an impressive impression
  • High quality displays turn menus bright and clear to read
  • Place images & graphics of your items next to them
  • Accelerate the ordering process and shorten wait


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