INNOVEX is now a Google AdWords Certified Partner!


INNOVEX  is proud to announce that the Digital Marketing team in Rhode Island has earned the distinction of becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner! This certification provides sets a high standard for the agency as a leader in internet and digital marketing services, and provides confidence to our clients that they are working with an…

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7 Trends for Web Design in 2015

Mega Image Website

In an increasingly digital world, it is important to remain up-to-date with the current trends and practices in the web design industry. Designers must be flexible in order to adapt to the ever-evolving nature and technological advancements of the web. Here are 7 website design trends for 2015 put together by the Rhode Island Digital…

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Its 2015: What is your PPC Game Plan?

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Like many personal New Year’s resolutions, PPC advertisers should also add shaping up their paid search efforts this year. Not sure where to start? As a local digital marketing company located in Lincoln, RI we would like to provide you with 7 Pay-Per-Click campaign best practices that will have you well on your way to…

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Commercial vs. Consumer Digital Signage: What’s the Difference?

Innovex Digital Signage blog

When purchasing screen hardware for a business, customers are faced with two major options- commercial or consumer grade? Although most flatscreens may look the same, there is quite a huge difference between using a flatscreen in your home and using one in an airport. The use of a flatscreen in a household is far less…

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A Positive Client Review for Team INNOVEX!

client testimonials

We wanted to share this great review Team INNOVEX received regarding our field technician, Eric Nonhphala. INNOVEX takes pride in delivering the best customer service to our clients, so we appreciate hearing the positive feedback! “I want to take a moment to compliment your field technician, Eric. Our printer was not working yesterday and Eric…

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7 Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

During the holiday shopping rush, generating as much new business as possible can easily turn into your main focus. Although new business is great, don’t forget some of these basics that will not only help you create loyal customers during times of peak interest, but will help you retain and generate new business throughout the…

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Social Advertising: Everything you Need to Know

facebook advertising

It is absolutely essential to become familiar with social advertising in order to become successful with these platforms as a business. We are constantly being exposed to countless advertisements on the internet, and some may be more effective to consumers than others. Here are some important facts that will expand your knowledge on social advertising,…

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10 PPC Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


1. Group Your Keywords It is vital to use ad groups when it comes to working with AdWords. A common PPC mistake is when companies fail to segment their products into different ad groups, and as a result of this, you will be unable to show specific ads for different products that you offer. It’s…

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7 Social Media Marketing Elements to Avoid


Implementing social media marketing in your business is a great way to create awareness and reach out to your customers. It is very important to strategize your social media marketing efforts in an effective and appropriate way in order to generate positive feedback. There are many different strategies your business can apply to strengthen its…

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5 Tips to Improve Digital Signage


Digital signage is rapidly evolving and becoming a popular phenomenon within businesses. Many businesses are eager to jump on the digital signage trend, but have minor knowledge on how to utilize digital signage in a way that will strengthen and enhance their business. Adding digital signage is a great way to draw attention to your…

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